Newsletter If You Are Not There, Where Are You? issue #004

Newsletter If You Are Not There, Where Are You? issue #004

Hello everybody,

We hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve and we wish you a very happy new year. We are looking forward to some exciting events for If You Are Not There, Where Are You? In January, the HKU (University of the Arts in Utrecht) will publish a book about IYANTWAY and we will extend the project through the documentary Ik ben er even niet. Read on for more info!

Bookpublication Mapping the Experience

The HKU Professorship of Performative Processes has published a book about our method Mapping the Experience. The book describes the research through the experiences of artists. All members of the Professorship (artists) have worked with a child. It also contains interviews with artists Bobby de Groot and Ruud Lanfermeijer, tips by Maartje Nevejan and producer Willemijn Cerutti, as well as beautiful maps by visual artist Marjolijn Boterenbrood.

The publication If You Are Not There, Where Are You? Mapping the Experience through Artwas published by the HKU Professorship of Performative Processes and publisher International Theatre and Film Books. It is for sale at their bookstore at Leidseplein in Amsterdam and online.

Book presentation: Tuesday 30 January, 17:00-19:00 o’clock
Information and sign up via


Documentary I am not here

The funding for the production of the documentary I am not here has been secured. In this creative documentary, director Maartje Nevejan explores the world of absence epilepsy and beyond. Within the next few months, the actual filming will start.
We’ll soon tell you more!

The film will be made in collaboration with VPRO and Cerutti Film.

Column Journalist of the inner world

During our inspirational events at Spui25, writer Dirk Vis was one of our guests. He wrote a column Journalist of the inner world, about the event and the project. Below you’ll find a little preview. Read the whole article (in Dutch) on our site.

“We need to look for a new language, many say during the evening. Imagine you’d find one. A new language. A couple of aliens land their pickle-shaped spaceships on earth and they teach you their language as a gift, after which they take off again. I’m not making this up, it comes from a film. You would be the only one in this world who masters this foreign language. You’ll gain a unique insight. But it is only you. What do you do with that?”

Trailer Inspirational events

Over the past few months, If You Are Not There, Where Are You? could be seen in various places. It all started in October at Cinekid Film Festival, followed in quick succession by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, InScience Film Festival in Nijmegen, Mapping the Experience in Spui25 and Digital World in Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Watch the video below for a short recap of all our inspirational events. Would you like to see more? Check our YouTube channel.

Presentations HKU

We would like to look back on the presentations the HKU Professorship has held. The book has just been published, but the research for our method Mapping the Experiencehas been presented at various seminars in the Netherlands and abroad over the past two years. We’ve been to EPARM (European Platform for Artistic Research in Music) in Venice, the Artistic Research conference in Prague and CARPA in Helsinki.

Short articles have been published in the associated academic journals.

Past presentations
    Orpheus Institute / DocARTES Gent
11.10.2016   Fontys Tilburg
21.4.2016     EPARM conference Vicenza
7.4.2016       Conference “Artistic Research – Is there some method?” Prague
8.12.2016     Cape Town Multimodality Conference
31.8.2017     CARPA, Helsinki