Components of the project

If You Are Not There, Where Are You? is a so-called transmedia project: all parts combined tell the story about where you are, when you’re not there.

RESEARCH – Artistic research: We link each child or youngster with his or her artist and together they give shape or sound to an experience. There is a research film of 40 minutes (with English subtitles) about this research. In December 2017 the HKU publishes a book in Dutch and English about this. We can show the film at your request and you can order the book HERE. The research will proceed internationally in 2018.

VR EXPERIENCE – Following the research we have designed a VR experience in collaboration with Monobanda PLAY, which allows you to experience worlds that children enter when they are momentarily ‘gone’.

VR WEBSITE – We collect images and sounds in a VR setting, in collaboration with InspectorV. Here you’ll find more information on the research and results of If You Are Not There, Where Are You?

INSPIRATIONAL EVENTS – We regularly organise public inspirational events, where we talk about If You Are Not There, Where Are You? Our partners, artists and scientists talk about their own research and findings. Look for dates in the NEWS section. There, you’ll also find a list of artistic, film and scientific festivals that we will attend as speakers.

DOCUMENTARY FILM – In 2018 the making of the film ‘I am not here’ by Maartje Nevejan and Cerutti Film will start, in collaboration with VPRO.

DIGITAL CAMPAIGN – In 2018 a digital campaign will be designed – in collaboration with Studio Moniker – for If You Are Not There, Where Are You?