I am not (all there)



“This story is about Yara. Yara is a regular girl, like any other. She laughs, gossips, falls in love, lies, sings, does, reads, drinks, shops, has a headache, is tired. He mother thinks she is the dreamy type. Always staring, never paying any attention! But Yara is not the only one. You do it and I do it, but still! Suddenly your life turns around and then it is difficult to pick it back up…”

Blurb of Sem’s book: Ik ben er even niet (helemaal bij) – I Am Not (All There)

Sem is a dreamy 12-year-old girl, who likes to run. During a race when she was 10, she had a fit and since then she has been having absences. The medication is bothering her a lot and she tries to maintain a low dosage, which means she still gets fits. And a headache afterwards. And fatigue. It strikes Sem as most odd that people suddenly seem to have moved during her absence. When she comes to, the whole world has changed.

Sem wrote a blog about her absences. Nirav Christophe has helped her develop these into a book. Together they went to Ron van Roon, the famous designer of book covers, among others for Arnon Grunberg.

During an intimate presentation, Sem gave her first book to her grandmother and she had a book-signing session.

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